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    Automatic metering system for micro formula

    release time:2016-09-10  viewed:717次
     Introduction of automatic metering system and automatic batching system for small ingredients.
    Automatic metering system of micro formula and automatic ingredient system of small material are developed by our company for rubber, feed, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries with high production efficiency, high precision, automatic ingredient auxiliary system. The system has the function of automatically weighing and distributing powder (carbon black, etc.), granular (paraffin, etc.) and oil materials according to the required production formula. It can be adapted to 75-150L mixer, mixer, extruder with different specifications. It is mainly suitable for large and small material formula production, intelligently storing production formula and calling production matching at any time. Party, storage production data, etc., contribute to product quality traceability.

    The technical parameters of automatic metering system and automatic batching system for small ingredients are as follows:
    1. mixing capacity: 6~50 material, suitable for various formulations.
    2. single material distribution capability: 50g~200kg;
    3. storage capacity: 1~20m3;
    4. batching accuracy: + 1g, 2g, 5g, 10g, 20g;
    5. batching speed: 5 to 30 minutes, one batch, 10 batches (barrel number can be set).
    6. control system power supply: AC220V 50Hz;
    7. control system power supply: three phase AC380V 50Hz;
    8. input air pressure: greater than or equal to 0.35Mpa;

    Other functions include automatic metering system for micro formula, automatic batching system for small materials.
    1, real-time display of batching status;
    2. It has the function of batching statistics and can be traced back.
    3, can save the formula, adjust the range function;
    4, with operation record query, easy to pursue responsibility;
    5, with operation permission function;
    6, with real-time report, alarm function;

    Automatic metering system of micro formula, automatic batching system of small material and automatic micro batching scale are widely used in industrial production of rubber, feed, food, pharmacy, chemical industry, grain and other fields. The equipment can continuously and accurately complete the following tasks for powder, granule, block and bulk materials in various industrial production environments: automatic weighing of trace materials, automatic quantitative batching, automatic conveying control. Its stable and reliable performance, intelligent and accurate, will greatly improve the efficiency of industrial production of micro-material batching system, while completely eliminating the artificial weighing of micro-material batching, feeding error rate may occur. Additive micro-component computer batching adding system can improve the accuracy and efficiency of feed additive micro-component batching weighing, completely overcome a variety of man-made operational errors, avoid a variety of feed additive batching weighing adding accidents, greatly reduce the economic losses caused by micro-component batching weighing. It can significantly improve the production efficiency of feed mills and realize the safety, high quality, cleanliness and high efficiency of feed additives micro-component ingredients, weighing and adding.

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