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    According to the raw material formula, full automatic weighing system.

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         Equipment introduction:
    According to the product raw material formula, the full automatic material proportioning system equipment is a kind of high production efficiency, high precision and full automatic dispensing system, which is specially designed by our company for multi raw material production, multi formula production industry (such as rubber, chemical industry, dyestuff and other industries). The system has the function of automatic weighing and distributing powder (carbon black etc.), granular material (paraffin, etc.), oil and other materials according to the required production formula. It can match the industrial production equipment of different specifications of 75~150L mixer, extruder and so on.
    Automatic batching control process:
    1. reduce the opportunities for workers to contact with chemical raw materials, greatly reduce workers, reduce labor intensity, and improve workers' health protection.
    2. avoid the influence of human factors on batching operations, ensure the stability of product quality and improve the quality and efficiency of products.
    3. according to the raw material formula of the product, the system is fully automatic proportioning system equipment. According to the characteristics of the raw material, different feeding mechanism and control algorithm are adopted to improve the proportioning efficiency and meet the production requirements.
    4. automatic batching system, using feeder speed regulation technology to meet the minimum amount of raw materials and accuracy requirements.
    5. control system, automatically save each weighing record and batch number of raw materials to achieve traceability of quality.
    6. reliable controller and professional machining to ensure the stability of the system; abnormal alarm function ensures the reliability of batching.
    7. easy to operate, just press the button to complete batch batching.
    Product advantages:
    It is mainly suitable for large and small batch formula production, intelligent storage production formula, call production formula at any time, store production data, etc., to help product quality traceability;
    Equipment performance:
    Ingredients: 6~50 material, suitable for various formulations.
    Single material distribution capability: 50g~200kg;
    Storage capacity: 1~20m;
    Proportioning accuracy: + 1g, 2G, 5g, 10g, 20g;
    Batching speed: 5 to 30 minutes, one batch, 10 batches of a batch (barrel number can be set);
    Chengdu Chengqi Automation Machinery Co., Ltd.

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